Are you looking to take back control of your life, your career and your destiny?  It’s all in the mind – and Billy Schwer, former British, Commonwealth, European and World boxing champion, holds all the secrets and inspiration you need to become the best person you can possibly be.

An experienced NLP practitioner and life coach London clients turn to for expert advice and life planning, Billy offers a professional, impartial and no-nonsense approach to mental toughness and coaching.  The only person who is going to make the most difference to your future is you – you hold all the keys.  But how do you find the right locks?

Available for motivational speaking and one-on-one sessions, Billy is a published author with scores of followers and clients online.  He offers lifestyle coaching London business people, sportspeople and more rely on.  Mental fitness is not always easy to come by.  However, let Billy show you the ropes, and you’ll soon be approaching life in a refreshed, more energised way.

Hire a Life Coach Near Me

Physical strength is one thing, but mental strength is a different entity altogether.  Having retired from a glittering career in boxing, Billy Schwer decided he wanted to make a real difference to people struggling to take control of their lives.  Offering expert lifestyle coaching London and beyond, Billy is a published authority on ‘mental boxing’.

Applying in-ring strategies and life experience, Billy is a performance coach with a refreshing perspective.  He will help you to understand that only you have the power to unlock your destiny.  He’ll help you to see more than just the wood for the trees.

Whether you are struggling with mental burdens, psychological trauma, or just need help getting your life in order, Billy is the only professional NLP coach you ever need to call.  He’s been at the forefront of one of the toughest industries on the planet.  Fighting in the ring not only carries potential physical strain, but mental and psychological strain, too.

Therefore, thousands of people already benefit from Billy’s sage advice and words.  His methods of approaching performance mindset – and encouraging personal growth – are not only inspiring and invigorating but will also give you the wake-up call you sorely need.

Struggling to motivate yourself in your career or everyday life?  Need help maintaining a tough mindset?  Get in touch with Billy for a free consultation.

Hiring Motivational Speakers in London

As a trained NLP specialist, Billy Schwer is also an experienced motivational speaker.  Appealing to individual people, small groups and even large events, Billy will happily tailor his fantastic mental toughness regime to any presentation you desire.  Unlike everyday business speakers in London, Billy will engage with an energise your crowds in a way that is rare to come by.  Well-spoken, experienced and ready to share his knowledge with the world, Billy loves to meet and engage with new people.

If anything, he’s ready to share his unique brand of wisdom with the world.  If you are looking to hire corporate speakers London and elsewhere, or want to hire inspiring keynote public speaking specialists, Billy Schwer may be the most intriguing contact you make today.

Billy’s unique brand of unlocking mental fitness – and engaging goal-driven psychology – can apply to many industries and fields.  No matter which audience you are presenting to, Billy will happily tailor workshops and speeches to people from all walks of life.  He is more than just a hard-working, professional life coach – he is a visionary in mental fitness, and he is available for you to hire today.

Sales Performance Coaching

Billy is adept at helping professionals find their ideal routes towards career success.  It is all a case of mental boxing!  His brand of NLP coaching can be adapted to various means and situations.  Are you looking for a leading, private and personal performance coach?  Are you running a firm and need help from a trusted business performance coach in London?

No matter what challenges you are facing, nor where you’ve come from, Billy is ready to help you take that next big step in the right direction.  However, he will help you recognise that it is only you, and you alone, who has the power to make the biggest changes.

Billy Schwer is a certified high performance coach with training and expertise you will find hard to come by elsewhere in the industry.

Ready to Hire Billy Today?

Available for private coaching, or for hire as one of the top motivational speakers London has for hire, Billy Schwer is ready to make a difference to as many lives as possible.  Need a new direction?  Need help with managing your mindset?

Contact Billy now – either via phone or email – and start taking important steps towards mental toughness and fitness for years to come.  It’s time to get off the turnbuckle and back to the fight.