Back in the Ring...

Jan 17, 2023

We’re now well into January, an important month and in many ways the first round of twelve in creating the results we truly want in life, business, and health.

It’s vital to all those who want game-raising results to get off to a fast and powerful start.

Just like any fight or struggle in life, a slow start can make life much more difficult a few months down the road.

A few recent personal experiences I’ve had have really taught me something which has raised my game even more.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve done something (somewhat unplanned)that has added to my happiness, energy, and focus.

I’ve gloved up again and been doing some sparring with another former pro down at my gym. Just body sparring, but wow what fun it’s been.

Moving around again, being focussed on the old fighting way, really lit up great feelings of the past, which in many ways are easy to forget.

Plus, there’s no pressure…it’s just fun with focus.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is this: Is there an old habit, pastime, or thing you used to love to do that if you were to revisit would reinvigorate you?

Because when we build a base of feeling good that can only be positive. It adds to the bank of positive reinforcement, and this makes life a whole lot more enjoyable and fulfilling.

What could you do, in the rest of January, which maybe you’ve been longing to do again to raise your positivity and just feel good for the only reason of feeling good about yourself?

As you may well know, when you feel good about what you’re doing you want to do more of it because it gives you even more momentum and energy.
In many ways it’s back to the future!
Let’s get game-raising and off to a fast start.

Box Clever with Billy 🥊 


Former British, Commonwealth, European & World Boxing Champion, Billy Schwer is now a professional speaker and personal performance coach. He is committed to sharing his experience and knowledge with others to help them live a life full of passion, power and purpose.