Be willing to look at things differently

May 30, 2023

If things aren’t working, always be adaptable and seek out new ways to win. Jab and move

As a former world champion boxer, I've learned a thing or two about navigating challenges in and out of the ring.

Be willing to look at things differently: Change your perspective and open your mind. The same old approach won't solve a new problem.

If things aren’t working, be adaptable: Resilience isn't about sticking stubbornly to a failing plan.

It's about assessing, adjusting, and pursuing alternative paths to victory.

Just as a boxer adapts their strategy in the ring, we too must remain flexible in the face of adversity.

Jab and move: In the boxing world, this is a mantra.

Land your shots, stay nimble, and never linger in harm's way. Life calls for the same agility - seize opportunities, but always be prepared to change course when the situation demands it.

Remember, in life as in boxing, winning isn't always about being the strongest or the fastest.

It's about being the most adaptable, the most strategic, the most resilient.

Keep jabbing, keep moving.

Let’s get it on!

Box Clever with Billy 🥊


Former British, Commonwealth, European & World Boxing Champion, Billy Schwer is now a professional speaker and personal performance coach. He is committed to sharing his experience and knowledge with others to help them live a life full of passion, power and purpose.