Getting Up Off The Canvas

Jun 28, 2022

Getting up off the Canvass...

I’d like to talk about the ‘canvass of life’.

As a pro boxer, visits to the canvas come with the turf.

If you can get back up off it after a devastating or surprise blow then you get another chance to show what you're made of.

Sometimes you’ll be successful, other times you’re just going to have to hang on in there.

As a retired pro boxer, I look at life as the canvas.

Things happen that we don’t really plan for, stuff which can put a serious dent in our plans and goals…at times these can appear to be knockout blows.

You lose your best clients, the wife leaves you for the milkman (do they still exist?), investments get wiped out, you're thumped with an unexpected health diagnosis

You get the idea.

How we react to these life blows determine where we’re headed long term.

When we’ve been stopped in our tracks it’s our job to be proactive and ‘get up’, even when we don’t know what to do next.

Merely deciding to get back up is a huge statement of intent.

Things will start to happen which may appear out of the blue, answers and solutions often in the way of mentors, knowledge and unexpected opportunities come your way.

I trust the universe responds to our intent more often than not.
But if we stay on the canvas then what are we really saying to the world?

If you decide to quit, no matter how much discomfort you're currently in then in many ways we cut off the access point for a new way forward.

And what’s a canvass anyway except a place to paint your own version of life

Keep getting up, keep winning and you may be pleasantly surprised in what comes your way.

Let’s get it on!

Box Clever with Billy ๐ŸฅŠ


Former British, Commonwealth, European & World Boxing Champion who is now a personal performance coach, Billy has a big passion for sharing his experience and knowledge with others to help them live a life full of passion. power and purpose.