Stop It!

Jan 24, 2023

Stop it.

Stop what? I hear you say.

Stop getting easily distracted. Stop allowing negative influences mess with your game – changing thought patterns.

It’s like radio interference, it adds nothing and often shunts you onto a whole different and undesirable path.

I’m a simple man of fighting stock, so I love simple but powerful actions that work towards taking us towards a deserved life of winning, happiness, and success.

One quick and simple lesson anyone can do today is this:

STOP watching the news, reading the papers or excessively consuming trash TV content.

The most successful and happy people I know rarely do these things. 

They can’t afford to if they want to be the masters of their own destiny. 

At the most, they are casual observers of what is pumped down the tubes of todays’ programming.

The only programs you need to self-run are those in alignment with happiness, success, and peace. 

You won’t get any of those from the box in the front room, or yesterdays fish and chips paper (Yes, they really use to do that!).

Mental Boxing is literally the antidote to this…apply those principles to your life and you’ll travel a whole different path. 

If you’re reading this then your'e not one of the ‘masses’, your'e likely looking for something which, frankly, is not going to be found via traditional sensationalised and misleading headlines.


Let’s raise our games together and be an example and not a warning of what is possible, no matter what is going on around us. 

Let’s get it on and make 2023 a year to remember.

Box Clever with Billy 🥊


Former British, Commonwealth, European & World Boxing Champion, Billy Schwer is now a professional speaker and personal performance coach. He is committed to sharing his experience and knowledge with others to help them live a life full of passion, power and purpose.