What to do if your exhausted...

Apr 19, 2022

What to do if your exhausted...

Life can be very tiring.

These last couple of years have been very testing for many people I know.

Nobody I know could have predicted how life has changed recently.

And, if we did know what was coming our way recently then how could we have prepared to be ready for it?

The simple answer is…we couldn’t.

But it is in these uncertain and unprecedented times that we are given the opportunity to grow and discover our hidden strengths and weaknesses.

Exhaustion can take a number of forms including physical, mental, and emotional.

I take it as a sign. A sign to slow down, take stock and regroup. Bit like when I had to sit on the stool after each brutal round.

Life is like that in many ways.

So, my simple message is this…if you’re feeling exhausted by your current life experience, avoid doing more and more, just slow down, rest, recover and then press on.

Many of my private clients can testify to this strategy.

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Let’s get it on!

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