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Are you looking for unique corporate speakers in London who can make a genuine difference to your audience’s lives? Are you keen to find motivational speakers for corporate events who will give your visitors more than just a little bit of food for thought? Former world boxing champion Billy Schwer is an expert NLP coach and corporate event speaker with a difference.

Drawing on his life in boxing, as well as his experience surrounding the sport, Billy offers straight-talking, concise and inspiring speeches. He is one of few sports keynote speakers who offers NLP strategies in his approach to presentation. As a trained NLP practitioner, Billy is already making big differences to people’s lives in an infinitely positive way. Why not hire an inspiring corporate speaker for your next event?

One of the Best Corporate Speakers in London

As well as having carved out a career as an NLP and life coach, Billy Schwer is an expert public speaker. Offering genuine life advice, business inspiration and corporate encouragement, he is able to apply a wide variety of strategies to the world of business. Are you looking to hire corporate event speakers who make a genuine difference to the lives of your attendees? You’ll need to hire someone with provable life experience, and who really knows how to engage the crowds.

The difference with Billy lies not just in his experience, but also in his approach. He is one of the top corporate speakers for industries and companies in need of a kick-start. Billy proposes concepts of mental toughness and mental boxing. The only person who is ever going to make a success out of your life is you. Billy works with thousands of people from all walks of life. He understands that we are all on different journeys, both through our everyday lives, and through our careers. Therefore, he offers a broad-reaching, no-nonsense approach to public speaking that many people will find refreshing.

"It's having the discipline and dedication in the unrelenting pursuit of
your desire that will enable you to attain the success you seek."

Billy Schwer
World Boxing Champion

Business Motivational Speakers in London

You may already be looking for business motivational speakers London and elsewhere. Why not hire someone with provable life and career experience who can make a genuine difference to people in just a few minutes? Billy is a published author who helps thousands of business owners and professionals achieve their personal and career goals.

Billy encourages a way of thinking that’s hard to come by. He has learned life lessons in some of the hardest ways possibly. However, as an inspirational business speaker, he offers his guidance and advice in ways that are endlessly positive, and which will inspire people to better themselves. Billy offers caring, supportive speeches, but at the same time, he will likely hit home for many people. As you can imagine, in an out of the ring, Billy never pulls punches.

The top business speakers for any industry are those who have a way with people. Billy Schwer is charismatic, caring, and magnetic. Audiences are always keen to hear what he has to say on a variety of topics and business prospects. By helping your audiences understand the way they approach their commercial and corporate goals, he could help to reinvigorate more than a few people at your next keynote event.

Are you looking for someone inspiring to help engage business event visitors? Billy Schwer’s clear, concise business speech services will ensure that no one is left looking at their phones or watches. You’ll want to hear the end of his stories, and how they will apply to business goals and practices. Visitors may even want to read his literature and engage with him for private sessions, too.

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Billy Schwer is a legend in boxing – not just in the UK, but on the world stage. Boxing is more than a sport, it’s a challenge of physical and mental agility. The psychological challenges boxers have to face each time they face a new opponent are tremendous. At the same time, Billy believes that the mental fitness techniques he’s honed over the years can be put to fantastic use in corporate and business settings. He has already proven this through previous keynote speeches and NLP sessions.

Therefore, if you are intrigued to hear what a champion boxer has to say about mental vigilance and preparation in the world of business, it’s time to give Billy a call. Billy, too, is a business owner. Stress and anxiety are just two walls that we all have to break through to achieve our goals.

Billy will show your attendees how they can unlock their full potential. Leave the towel to one side, get up off the turnbuckle and come out fighting.

It’s time to call Billy Schwer to arrange a keynote business speech with a difference. Call now to book, or email Billy for prices and quotes.

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