The Billy Schwer Experience

Who is Billy Schwer?

Billy spent 20 years at the top of his field in arguably the toughest, gruelling and most demanding sport there is – Boxing. During his professional career he won British, Commonwealth, European and IBO World Boxing Titles.

How to Get Your Team Punching Above their Weight:

Guided by a Former World Boxing Champion

Billy Schwer HonBsc International Speaker & Performance Coach.

What can you expect?

Billy is a charismatic speaker who will entertain, inspire and motivate any audience. Through sharing his own amazing story, he shows audiences how to take their performance to the next level and encourages them to push their own boundaries to produce extraordinary results.

The author of Mental Boxing – The Science of Success –has boiled down what he learned into 7 simple but powerful principles. He has tried, tested and proven real world answers to business challenges, and shares these with you in his transformational presentation.

Just how much could you or your business benefit from learning the following:

Win or Lose You Choose: How to ignite results and incredible turnarounds

KO Fear: The hidden blocks which stunt personal and business growth

Fight for What You Want: Giving up is not an option

You Are Only As Good As Your Next Fight: Gathering up the past to create a more powerful future as painlessly as possible

Jab and Move: Be powerful and effective in an ever-changing environment

Take It On The Chin: What to do if things go wrong to create turnaround

Box Clever: The process of synergy for maximum results in minimum time

Having battled his way back from depression, divorce and even bankruptcy after his retirement from the professional boxing ring Billy knows how to survive and thrive… and he now works with individuals, groups and organisations sharing his powerful message which takes you from crisis to success, radically transforming people, shifting company performance, results and impacting the bottom line.

His clients have included Astra Zenica, AXA Group, Land Securities, Mace Group, Speedy Hire, Magic Fm, Incisive Media, to name but a few.

"Billy, you have made SUCH A DIFFERENCE in creating the awareness about our need to nurture, refocus and launch back to success. I want to personally thank you for the intense efforts you have made to put all of your insight, talent, passion and time into making Open Door Design a better place . . . Your concepts will now be shared with our entire valued team! THANK YOU for all you have done to accelerate innovation at Open Door Design. We will be a great company because of your transformational impact."

Dean Evans
Chairman, Open Door Design (Leeds Ltd)

As a former British, Commonwealth, European, and World Champion having reached a world class level in one of the toughest, gruelling and demanding sport there is Professional Boxing I know what it takes to get to the top. Having failed three times but eventually winning a world title on my fourth attempt, I truly know the meaning of persistence.