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Are you looking for great motivational speakers to hire for your London event? The best speakers will be able to inspire even the biggest of crowds. Keynote speeches are great opportunities for people to really connect with new ideas and concepts. However, are you struggling to find motivational and inspirational speakers who really fit the bill? There’s no need to panic. One of the best motivational public speakers is right here, waiting to transform as many lives as possible.

Billy Schwer, ex-champion boxer on global circuits, is one of few truly great motivational speakers in London. Coming from a career where he needed to be physically and psychologically strong 24 hours a day, Billy offers a unique blend of NLP coaching strategies and inspiring words which will be sure to invigorate anyone who attends his speeches. Clear, concise and straight to the point, Billy has taken to inspiring as many people in his retirement as possible – taking lessons from a life in the ring that he wants to bring to the masses.

Why Hire Billy Schwer?

It can be difficult to find the best professional motivational speakers London has to offer. How do you hunt down someone who has intensive life experience and wisdom which can apply to and transform as many lives as possible? Having set up his own unique NLP coaching strategy, as well as concepts of mental boxing and mental toughness, Billy Schwer offers a rare kind of inspiration which is hard-hitting, but overwhelmingly positive.

Billy offers a no-nonsense approach to psychology. He understands that people from all walks of life struggle with mental burdens each and every day. He applies NLP strategies to help sportspeople, salespeople and even those who are undergoing regular emotional or psychological strain. Instead of waiting out the count, Billy inspires people to get back up and keep on fighting. He inspires his clients and his audiences to push life to as many rounds in the ring as possible.

If you are looking for top motivational speakers near me who can offer a genuine difference to your guests, it’s time to start looking for someone with years of dedicated experience.

"It's having the discipline and dedication in the unrelenting pursuit of your desire that will enable you to attain the success you seek."

Billy Schwer
World Boxing Champion

Billy’s Unique Motivational Strategies

Billy Schwer has had an extraordinary career. He’s now using his life in the ring, as well as outside of the glitz and glamour of boxing, to inspire people all over the world. As a trained international motivational speaker London people can rely on, he has businesspeople hanging on his every word. It may surprise you just how much boxing psychology can apply to the world of business, as well as to personal psychology. Billy has been unlocking mental barriers and doors with his unique blend of motivational strategies for several years.

A published author, Billy makes for the perfect celebrity motivational speaker. He does not let his fame affect the way he approaches his audiences. In fact, he puts the audience at the heart of his speeches. Drawing from his experiences in life and in boxing, he takes everyday situations and applies themes of mental toughness.

As a life coach, Billy comes across all manner of problems and concerns from session to session. Therefore, he has a broad approach to speaking and teaching. He’s helped to inspire sportspeople, sales experts and even fellow NLP practitioners. We are all trying to find our own ways in the world. However, if you are struggling to map your own route to success, Billy offers up a variety of strategies and practices that might just help you on your way.

Looking for the Best Motivational Speakers in London?

Mental fitness is a theme that is hugely popular with audiences across London. Not only is it a great idea to hire an experienced, professional coach to talk about such issues, it makes sense to find someone who is at complete ease with the public.

Billy is a London speaker who is a performance coach in his current trade. He regrets no part of his boxing career. In fact, he uses the lessons he’s learned in the ring each and every day. Mental toughness is all about preparing yourself for the random challenges you’ll face on your route towards success.

Billy Schwer is the perfect motivational speaker London businesspeople will want to listen to. Instead of filling his seminars with waffle and hypothetical situations, he’s straight to the point. He pulls no punches, and he understands that we are all on our own personal journeys.

Looking for a unique motivational speaker for your London keynote or conference? Contact Billy today for information on speaking prices and costs. Billy Schwer is the ideal speaker for audiences of all sizes. Why not take a look at some of his talks online, and get in touch for a free quote when you’re ready? Give your crowd some food for thought.

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