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We all need help sometimes.  Hiring a performance coach London or elsewhere doesn’t mean you are ever giving up.  In fact, it means quite the reverse.  A certified high-performance coach won’t just be able to help you in physical endeavours and achievements but will also help you to get ahead in your career.

Billy Schwer is a former champion boxer with international belts and titles to his name.  He’s found success and fame.  However, he’s had to work hard to achieve it all.  Now, he wants to pass on the lessons he’s learned onto the wider public.  With years of experience and dedicated NLP training, Billy offers performance coaching to help with personal goals, career progression, physical endurance, business sales and more.  In and outside of the ring, Billy has years of experience in handling stress and anxiety.  He wants to make sure as many people as possible learn the lessons that have helped him thrive.

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There are plenty of reasons why hiring a performance coach could be beneficial to your life.  You could be looking for sales performance coaching to help boost your career.  You might need a personal performance coach to help you get over an emotional or psychological hurdle.  Or, you may even need someone who can offer you coaching to improve performance in a sporting medium.  However you want to push yourself, you should never be afraid to reach out.

Billy Schwer is an experienced life coach with years of public speaking and publishing behind him.  He’s available for hire not only as a life coach, but also as a public speaker.  In one-to-one sessions and group seminars, he’ll share with you the lessons he’s learned, and how you can apply his own boxing experience to your everyday life.

Are you finding that you’re fighting an impossible opponent?  Are you struggling to release yourself from the turnbuckle?  Throwing in the towel is never an option.  No matter how many boxing metaphors you can use, performance coaching will help you to see your internal struggles through fresh eyes.  That’s Billy’s aim.  He wants people to own up to life’s struggles.  He wants people to seize challenges and to enjoy overcoming them.

Too many people see life challenges as negative blockades.  This is a damaging thought process.  Billy will show you why life challenges matter, and what you should be doing to prepare your mind to break through them.  It’s a recipe for success which you will be able to apply to every problem and every minor issue you come across.  When life throws up a challenge, you come out fighting.

"It's having the discipline and dedication in the unrelenting pursuit of your desire that will enable you to attain the success you seek."

Billy Schwer
World Boxing Champion

Business Performance Coach Prices

Billy Schwer is adaptable, flexible, and happy to help as many people as possible.  You can even hire his London performance coach services to help inspire corporate teams and business seminars.  What better way to inspire team building and personal growth than to enlist the help of an inspiring NLP?  Not just any NLP expert, of course, but a world champion – one who knows what it takes to break through barriers to become the best in the world.

Of course, you will likely need to know what to expect in terms of sales performance coach costs!  Billy offers a fair and flexible tariff.  Depending on your needs and the duration of your session, you will receive a bespoke quote before any consultations go ahead.  There is no obligation for you to continue.

However, Billy encourages you to take a look at some of his work before you book.  Have you read his literature?  Have you watched his online content?  Make sure to get a taste for the performance coaching you can hire for your personal or corporate needs.  It’s always good to try before you buy!

In any case, Billy promises a tailored business performance coaching session which will bring out the best in you.  Take a new viewpoint on your sales goals, your dreams, and your career.  Be sure to push through without pulling any punches.

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Billy is a leading business performance coach in London.  He’s helped thousands of people get on the right track to enhancing their careers and readjusting their personal lives for the better.  While we are all driven to succeed, there are many temptations to give up the fight.  If there’s anything Billy stands for, it’s pushing through – and being the best you can possibly be.

Are you ready to come out fighting in the next round?  It’s time to square up and start taking life on the chin.  Call now to book a performance coaching session with Billy Schwer, or email for more details.  Billy will then get in touch with you with a free quote and a plan of action to inspire you.  Only you can push yourself towards the life you always wanted. 

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