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Finding someone to undertake public speaking London and elsewhere isn’t always easy to do. Great motivational public speakers need to have something spectacular to say. Good public speakers are those who engage with people, and who offer a unique way of looking at a variety of different topics and concepts. Are you looking for truly inspirational public speakers for your event or venue? You may benefit from hiring Billy Schwer – who is available now to discuss a huge variety of motivational concepts.

Billy is a former champion boxer, having won global titles, and having spent much of his life in the ring. Since coming away from the ropes, Billy has moved on to become an experienced NLP therapist. He’s a published author, and also offers a variety of public speaking for success. He offers rousing speeches and seminars on how to make the most of your life, and how to challenge your mindset to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Billy’s writing, speeches and seminars prove to be stirring occasions.

What Makes the Best Public Speakers?

If you are looking for the best public speakers of all time in London, then you are likely looking for someone with plenty of confidence. However, a confident speaker must also have something worthwhile to say! They need to be able to share their own thoughts, ideas and concepts with new people each time they take to a podium. They need to offer charisma, guidance and inspiration.

Billy Schwer works tirelessly to help people achieve their goals. Whether working towards personal achievements and milestones, or career progression, Billy understands that we all have our own personal journeys to travel down. Therefore, he has developed a system to harness mental strength in all the people he meets. He challenges his clients, and those he speaks to, to think carefully about harnessing their own destinies.

Mental blockades can kill careers and can halt personal progression. Whether you are an athlete, a business owner or someone who is training for a role in a field you love, you need to ensure you have the mindset and the skills to overcome disappointments. Billy understands that life is full of challenges. As a licenced and trained NLP practitioner, he offers workshops and one-to-one sessions to people who are desperate to progress in life.

It all starts with you. Billy Schwer will share life management and mind management tips to inspire and surprise audiences of all sizes and from all backgrounds.

"It's having the discipline and dedication in the unrelenting pursuit
of your desire that will enable you to attain the success you seek."

Billy Schwer
World Boxing Champion

Hiring Public Speaking Near Me

If you are looking to hire a London public speaker to add to your bill, Billy Schwer will have more than a few fantastic ideas to share with your visitors. If the theme of your event is focusing on career development and personal goal attainment, Billy will be on hand to deliver an inspiring address.

No two speeches from Billy are the same. While he draws from a lifetime of achievement and success, he also draws from challenges – both physical and psychological. He understands that it can be difficult to step outside of your own mind. He became an NLP expert to help people push on with their lives, and to strive to their full potential. Each and every one of us has incredible potential to succeed in what we want to do.

Life coaching, one of Billy’s specialisms, focuses on harnessing power within you. Some of the best public speeches draw on ways in which you can start building on your own personal profile. Billy’s ethos is that there is simply no giving in. While we all face mental blockades once in a while, we have to push forward. We are designed to grow and to succeed. If we don’t overcome our boundaries, where do we hope to go from there?

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Billy’s fascinating concept of mental boxing derives many tactics and themes from the world of pugilism. His amazing career is lending itself perfectly to a life of coaching people to better themselves. People are intrinsically driven. However, many of us struggle to find that drive, to keep that focus, and to build on passion.

Therefore, Billy wants to bring out the prize-fighters in all of us. An experienced public speaker, he will encourage and invigorate the crowd to look for the challenger, the competitor, and the champion in us all. His speeches and workshops are incredibly inspiring.

Therefore, if you are looking for a famous public speaker near me in London, you may want to get in touch with Billy Schwer. A genuine star in the ring and a best public speaker and life coach, Billy’s charisma and teaching methods are sure to inspire people from all walks of life – as they already do.

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