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Attitude equals…🥊 Jun 13, 2023

Attitude equals…

How many times have you heard about the importance of attitude?

If, like me, you’ve been in the business of self-improvement for any length of time then the word attitude is commonly flung around as often as any.


I have a different take on the word.


Recruiting Champions… Jun 06, 2023

Recruiting Champions…

Are you doing this...?

There’s an old saying which goes a little like this:

“If you want to fly with the eagles don’t hang with the turkey’s”.

At times it’s important to stretch ourselves, to get out of the comfort zone of our...

Be willing to look at things differently May 30, 2023

If things aren’t working, always be adaptable and seek out new ways to win. Jab and move

As a former world champion boxer, I've learned a thing or two about navigating challenges in and out of the ring.

Be willing to look at things differently: Change your perspective and open your mind....

Sinking May 23, 2023


Elite mentality right there, what a quote.

The epitome of Mental Boxing, because without a solid base of training you have very little to fall back on when the pressure rises.

What’s the purpose of training?
Conditioning and preparation are a major pay-off when effective...

Hard Hitting May 16, 2023

Hard Hitting
Today’s message is about looking at our decisions and then actions, in the KEY areas of our lives (health, wealth, work, relationships & personal development), do the actions and decisions we make have the impact we need to take us into the next successful round of our...

Mental Boxing... May 09, 2023

 Mental Boxing…

Mental Boxing is a term that encapsulates the idea of mastering one's mind and emotions to achieve greater success in life.

Just like a skilled boxer has to develop their physical skills, mental boxing requires mental discipline and training to become the champion of...

Sold May 02, 2023


Most people I know aren’t a fan of sales and selling. They often think it’s ‘ugly’, manipulative and frankly, a little Arthur Daley.

However, in practising the high-impact art and science of mental boxing, SELLING IS ESSENTIAL!

But I’m not talking about any...

Conditioning Apr 25, 2023


What type of condition are you in?
“What do you mean”? I hear you ask.
Good question.

Conditioning can apply to any area of our lives from finances to fitness to our mental states and anything else in between.

We are always ‘in condition’, the...

Together, we are unstoppable.... Apr 18, 2023

"Nobody will ever know the violence it took, to become this gentle."

Behind these words lies a testament to the unyielding power and resilience within each of us.

It's the unseen battles we fight and the hidden pain we endure that ultimately shape our gentle souls.

Let us honor the extraordinary...

Never Give Up Apr 11, 2023

Never give up…

Even if you don’t get what you want first- second- or third- time round, keep focussed on what is truly important to you.

Fight for what you want..

"Stay focused on your objectives and outcomes, even if it takes more than one, two, or three tries to achieve them.

As a...

Flip It Apr 04, 2023

Flip it!

A few days back I was talking with a very wise man.

We talk often and he has some life insights (based on his deep and unusual experiences) which hit right in your philosophical solar plexus like a hard right hook

This insight was so simple and profound I knew I had to share it with you....

Why it’s better to be ‘knocked in’ than ‘knocked out’. Mar 21, 2023

Why it’s better to be ‘knocked in’ than ‘knocked out’. 

Have you ever been knocked out? You know, really knocked out?

It was an occupational hazard (part of the old game I was in!) it bloody hurts...and I can tell you's not actually painful....

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